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  Winter months are the most relaxed and laid-back. The temperatures vary from -35 to 50 above. Feeding the cattle and riding horses are the primary activities. We do a number of odd projects during this season. We also hunt porcupines, because of the destruction they do to trees, and coyotes when the snow is on the ground. Various winter rodeos and the Beef Breeders Show in Miles City, where the streets are lined with pens of bulls, are some of the winter events that are great to attend.

Spring months are very exciting with a great deal of activity. The trees are budding with new life and growth everywhere. The cows are busy calving and we ride and move pairs (cows and calves) daily to new pasture. April showers bring May flowers. The mares foal in May with darling lil babies at their side. We work our cows and brand calves before moving them out to summer pasture. Checking and repairing fences, which the snow knocked down, are more tasks we tend to. 




Summer comes with the beautiful month of June. The most fun and busiest season. We artificial inseminate 1/2 of our cows to special bulls, which involves a great deal of sorting and riding and then the bulls are turned out to pasture with the cows. We check water daily and put out salt and mineral to the cattle on the summer range. Haying season begins with the cutting of the grass and then baling it into large round bales (1500#) for winter feed. Attending rodeos, county fairs and barrel races are weekend activities. In August we precondition (vaccinate) and band our calves. We gather the bulls and rotate the cattle to new pastures.

Fall is a special season with beautiful weather and gorgeous trees. We gather and wean our calves and trailer them home to background for 45 days before they are shipped off to a feedlot. Ron does any farming that needs to be done. We continue to go to the barrel races and start riding our young horses. During this season we take care and finish or start any special projects.


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